5th Anniversary

Dear friends, As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are excited to unveil a variety of new programs; including the new Non-Academic Business Programs, the new Diploma in Life Coaching, the new Custom BBA and Custom MBA programs, the new Short Courses about personal development and practical Individuation as well as vanguard Consulting for discerning …

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MU Offers Pioneering Programs in Economics

Marbella University is proud to announce the new undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the field of Economics: Bachelor of Arts in Economics TheĀ Bachelor of Arts in EconomicsĀ is a pioneering program that provides the candidate with all the necessary tools, skills, integrity and moral character to become a future leader in the field of Economics. The …

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As UK Universities Leave Thousands Without a Place, Marbella University sees surge in Applications

As over subscribed universities in the UK are set to result in 225,000 applicants being turned away, many students are looking abroad for higher education. Over 660,000 people applied to UK universities this year, compared with around 590,000 last year. With British university places capped and heavy fines threatening academia that over recruit, the increasing …

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