As UK Universities Leave Thousands Without a Place, Marbella University sees surge in Applications

As over subscribed universities in the UK are set to result in 225,000 applicants being turned away, many students are looking abroad for higher education. Over 660,000 people applied to UK universities this year, compared with around 590,000 last year.

With British university places capped and heavy fines threatening academia that over recruit, the increasing numbers of student hopefuls looking abroad for higher education opportunities is welcomed by Marbella University. The institution is a private English-speaking university located in southern Spain.

Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, President of Marbella University, says, “In recent weeks we have experienced a considerable surge in applications. We welcome recent developments that promise to bring together students from a diverse set of cultural backgrounds and nationalities.”

Adding that studying abroad has long had its followers he adds that 2010 is set to break records: “All our courses are taught in English. Candidates are given the opportunity to absorb a new language as well as Iberian culture, to embrace international work opportunities and enjoy the enhanced lifestyle Marbella has to offer.”

The UK University and College Union warned of a ‘lost generation’ elbowed aside in the rush for places.’ Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union (UCU) says: “It is disgraceful that thousands of applicants will be denied the chance to fulfill their potential at a UK university.”

According to Nicola Dandridge, chief executive of Universities UK, the imposed embargoes on UK universities will result in the better qualified applicants failing to secure places this year. Applicants may have to be more flexible in their choice.”

Schellhammer concludes “as the world changes at ever faster speeds, future leaders and professionals need to take into account developments of humanity and the earth in the perspective of decades in order to succeed.”

The last remaining places are available for the October intake:

  • Bachelor Programs: Business Administration & Management, Communication & Public Relations, Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure, Journalism & Media, Psychology, Psychoanalysis & Individuation including third year Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure.
  • Master’s Program: Management of Humanity
  • Diploma Program: (No high school diploma required) Management of Knowledge (1 Year Program).


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