In order to complete the application process, please submit the following:

  1. Application form (duly filled in and signed)
  2. Bachelor program applicants: Copy of secondary school diploma (IB, A-levels, Hochschule, High School or equivalent) and/or last year transcripts. Master program applicants: Copy of undergraduate studies or higher.
  3. 3 passport-sized photos
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Copy of bank transfer confirmation of the application fee.

Applications can be sent via post, fax, or email. If you decide to fax or email your application, please ensure the administration office receives your original application and the 3 passport-sized photos before the beginning of your course.

Student from Latvia MU Review

Enrolment at Schellhammer Business School

Given that there are only limited places available, an early application is recommended.

The deposit guarantees the study place. Tuition fees must be paid in full 30 days before the start of the course. Other fees: Exam retakes: for each exam (subject): 300€. Preparative tutorial for retake exams: 100€ per hour. Postponed exam: for each exam (subject): 300€.

Download the application form and application instructions from our Downloads section.

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