Dr. Edward Schellhammer (Swiss), Founder and President

Dr. Edward Schellhammer (born in Switzerland) studied Education, Psychology, Philosophy, Information Technology and Statistics in Fribourg and in Zürich. He was lecturer at the University of Zurich (Psychology, Methodology and Statistics of Social Sciences, Philosophical Anthropology, and Innovation in social institutions). He was also manager of various scientific projects. He was teacher at a Professional School and at a Head Nurse School, as well as at a Superior School for Therapeutic Pedagogy. He was nominated for director of a research institute in social pedagogy and for assistant professor at the University of Zurich. Additionally: academic member of international workshops dedicated to futurology, future perspectives of Switzerland, ecumenical Christianity, peace and disarmament, development of education in Latin America, economics for the ‘third world’, and various smaller activities at international congresses for future education.

Dr Edward Schellhammer

Additionally he completed further education in Psychoanalysis (Freudian and Jungian) and in Humanistic Psychology and Behavior Training. Later he established his own Academy for Individuation, with over 1,500 students and clients over the course of 10 years. For years he was engaged in research about religion, spirituality, esotericism, and holistic alternative therapy.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer has written many books; main subjects: Individuation in theory and practice, dream theory and dream interpretation, strategies of problem solving, the individual and collective unconscious, love and relationship, the archetypes of the soul, the future of humanity, global human education, philosophical and pedagogical Anthropology, didactics in teaching, counseling and coaching. His newest publications are: Trilogy on Economics, Politics, Deicide, and Armageddon or Evolution (available on Amazon).

Lived and studied in Paris, longer study visits in South of France, London, Kiel, Detroit, and Mexico. Since 1988 he lives and works in Marbella (Spain). In Spain he provided psycho-analytical counseling to over one thousand international clients. He also worked in the field of Life & Business Coaching, and he developed coaching and mediation concepts for Geopolitical and Socioeconomic Consulting in the fields of the big national and global problems of humanity and the world.

Dr. Edward Schellhammer is the founder of Schellhammer Business School, a vision developed over 20 years. Interested people, working or retired, in the world of Business, Education, and Politics, as well as any experts and celebrities are invited for collaboration and also experts for teaching. Students, independent individuals, and the young at heart are also invited to give life to this project by participating today in the new vanguard study programs we offer.

“My studies and professional experiences in Switzerland since 1970 and in Marbella (Spain) since 1988 have given me an understanding of human beings, education, cultures, needs, standards and life like no other! I don’t need a compulsively and neurotically controlling superior authority to be responsible for SBS. These so-called ‘authorities’ are anyhow on an archaic level of personal development, totally enlaced in lies and distortions – light years away from my evolutionary level – and have a knowledge that is not only outdated but also a thousand times smaller in quantity and lower in human quality than what I have learnt about humans, life, humanity and the world with its manifold dimensions. Therefore, let me do my pioneering educational job and thank God for it!”

Prof. Dr. Edward Schellhammer
Books from the President: English. German.


News from the Founder and President of SBS

Dear reader, 35 years ago I had a dream that said: “Find the mystery of man and human evolution.” I thought this is impossible. I was aware that people spend their lives in hundreds of millions of ways. Thus, why should I not spend my life in my way? I decided: I want to dedicate my life for the discovery of the ‘mystery of man’. With the start of the year 2015 I dreamt: “I am in the classroom of SBS and tell the students: “Today I can say I have unveiled and found all fundamental components that explain the mystery of man and human evolution.” With certainty I raise my arm to express victory. I have a thousand arguments that this is a fundamental breakthrough for humanity, unreached up to today. 35 years of journey through the desert were necessary until I reached the aim. Now the word is accomplished. Thousands of dreams helped and guided me on this journey with its manifold inner processes.

Fact is: There is no future for humanity without this profane and sacral (archetypal) knowledge and practicing it with all consequences in the life course, in business, in politics, in the economy, in public education and in religion. I invite you to participate in our programs: bachelor in business and psychology, master and executive programs, and diploma programs. The programs at the Schellhammer Institute are for further education (all ages). Above that, the books from Dr. Schellhammer have immense, pioneering and vanguard content that covers mind, personal development, human evolution, life, business, politics, economy, society, education, and religion – for everybody that is searching for the truth and for personal fulfillment. You are also interested in a new world with hope, peace, and justice that can be established with the ‘Roadmap 25’, a Schellhammer project for renewal of humanity within 25 years. You want a new world. I give you a new world. But nothing is for free in this world. Some books are in English, others in German. Start with The Manifesto. Dr. Edward Schellhammer.

Gregor Schellhammer

Gregor Schellhammer co-Founder and Operational Manager

Gregor Schellhammer (BBA) has British and Swiss nationality, and lives in Spain since 1988. He speaks English, Spanish, French and German. He has been active as a business broker since 2003 in Barcelona and other areas of Spain (including the Balearic Islands, the Costa Blanca, and the Costa del Sol), mediating in transactions from one hundred thousand euros up to multi-million euro deals. He is a specialist in mediating the most unique and initially inconceivable business transactions. He is also co-founder of Schellhammer Business School.


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