5th Anniversary


Dear friends,

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are excited to unveil a variety of new programs; including the new Non-Academic Business Programs, the new Diploma in Life Coaching, the new Custom BBA and Custom MBA programs, the new Short Courses about personal development and practical Individuation as well as vanguard Consulting for discerning individuals and demanding businesses.

Do download our latest brochure using this link.

We also recommend that you consider the pioneering and innovative books with priceless new and useful knowledge from Dr. Schellhammer about life, business, personal development, practical psychology, politics, economics, humanity, the planet and human evolution in the upcoming decades.

Books in English: www.edwardschellhammer.com

B├╝cher auf Deutsch: www.eduardschellhammer.com

Over 120 students have enjoyed our unique programs since 2009.

So, if you are looking for a better future and are unique,

Join us!


Dr. Edward Schellhammer
President and Founder

P.S. Please note, next intake is April 7th: Start the Diploma Program in April and continue with year 2 or a BA in the Autumn. Start a Bachelor Program in April and continue with year 2 in the Autumn. Start an MBA and complete it by the Autumn.




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