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ASIC Accreditation Schellhammer Business School


ASIC Accreditation Schellhammer Business School

Schellhammer Business School, the first and only British accredited business school in southern Spain that teaches in English.

“With students from over 57 nationalities, we opted for ASIC due to the international nature of this state-approved British accreditation, and its widespread global recognition in the United Kingdom, the United States, and part of Asia,” says SBS President and Founder, Dr. Eduard Schellhammer, who heads Schellhammer Business School founded in 2009.

Bologna Treaty

Validated to the Bologna Treaty & Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

ESCO Wesfor Business School

ESCO Wesford
International Partner in France

The University of Northampton

The University of Northampton
International Partner in UK

Cambridge International AS & A Level

From September Cambridge International AS & A Level

Welcome to Schellhammer Business School, founded in 2009 as Marbella University. We are the first Business School in southern Spain that offers a unique program of higher education taught in English, not to be confused with institutions that try to promote themselves using similar names. We offer a unique program of Swiss quality higher education taught in English. Founded by bestselling author, Dr. Edward Schellhammer; Philosopher, expert on Human Evolution and Futurology, a Psychologist, a prolific author of over 30 titles from Psychology to Politics and Economics, an educator, and a visionary with a profound and beneficial insight into the human condition.

Starts in October 2018 its 10th Year · Go Visit Our New Website

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  • All classes are taught entirely in English
  • Industry-relevant specializations and majors
  • Non-academic and academic program options
  • Diverse programs: Diploma/BBA/MBA/Executive
  • Programs include language classes (no extra fee)
  • Continuous fine tuning to business and industry
  • Personal and professional contacts for life
  • Values: Integrity, ethics, sustainability
  • Global industry contacts and alumni network
  • Variety of extracurricular activities
  • Regular industrial/company visits


SBS, founded in 2009, is a pioneering, vanguard and independent private Business School, that allows to answer the manifold educational needs of our students coming from more than 57 countries with very different cultural backgrounds and interests. Thus our teaching is all-round without restrain of knowledge, but universal with the freedom to explore, question, analyze and teach facts, basic and advanced scientific knowledge and the real business practices in a fast changing world with increasing global criticalities. With this educational freedom SBS is always one step ahead.

SBS helps the scholars, with personal support to understand the (hidden) world of societies, business world, human life and the mind, including managing a substantial personal development in order to do business successfully, to succeed in the world of jobs and also with the personal life – especially and always with very strong human values and respect for the truth and the creation.

Today the world of business and jobs is more interested in what a student has learnt and has become as a personality, and never simply and solely in the confirmation of a successfully completed study program (diploma). SBS has the local educational license to bring to perfection knowledge, skills and personality traits of the scholars, self-evidently in appropriate facilities.

SBS is aligned to the Bologna Treaty Rules (Norms), especially its credit transfer system (ECTS), in order to make transfers to another academic institution (and from other institutions to SBS) technically possible. If you are looking to transfer to SBS, please note that transfers from other academic institutions for the second and third year of a Bachelor or Diploma Business program are subject to eligibility based on your existing transcripts.

Our educational expertise since 1978 enables us to offer a unique mission for the future of Humanity. Our lecturers have extensive practical experience of the realities of business and in life, presenting the truth. We combine renowned Swiss-quality didactics with universality of the English language.

  • SBS connects students with realities, with meaning and human factors, that shape life, business, and work.
  • SBS teaches the most advanced knowledge with a sophisticated concept of mankind and personal development.
  • SBS builds up strength, self-management, human values, and a variety of professional knowledge and skills.
  • SBS creates a study environment with understanding, care, support, creativity, genuineness and critical thinking.
  • SBS prepares students to constructively deal with humans, business, politics, the economy, and the world.
  • SBS gives students a thorough understanding of the complexity of mankind, society, and the business world today.
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