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MU Schellhammer Business School

  • MU-SBS connects students with realities, with meaning and human factors, that shape life, business, and work.
  • MU-SBS teaches the most advanced knowledge with a sophisticated concept of mankind and personal development.
  • MU-SBS builds up strength, self-management, human values, and a variety of professional knowledge and skills.
  • MU-SBS creates a study environment with understanding, care, support, creativity, genuineness and critical thinking.
  • MU-SBS prepares students to constructively deal with humans, business, politics, the economy, and the world.
  • MU-SBS gives students a thorough understanding of the complexity of mankind, society, and the business world today.

Message from Dr. Edward Schellhammer: “We are the one and only, authentic and original “Marbella University”, founded in 2009 in Puerto Banus, as a pioneering Business School with very strong human values and respect for the creation. Any other private academic institution on the Costa del Sol that uses our brand (name) and copies parts of our vanguard programs, is a cynical but pale imitation lacking in both substance and quality. Our educational expertise since 1978, enables us to offer a unique mission for the future of Humanity centered on the honorable and productive pursuit of Business. Our lecturers are not mere academics, but have extensive practical experience of the realities of business and in life, presenting the truth. We combine renowned Swiss-quality didactics with universality of the English language. At Marbella University you feel the quality not the width. To us, boastful investment claims and opulent campuses is not proof of critical inquiry and solutions to the major issues that today’s students will face in tomorrow’s world. We’re located an easy 200 meters from Puerto Banus. Use the google maps provided on our website or please call us on 952.907.892 for assistance on how to find us.”

Map of Marbella University


  • Founded in 2009
  • Private educational institution
  • Swiss quality education
  • All classes taught in English
  • Located in a safe environment
  • Multicultural: 30+ nationalities
  • Gateway to a prosperous future
  • Spectacular 1,000 sqm Campus
  • Quality international professors
  • State of the art campus and facilities
  • Committed Quality Management


  • All classes are taught entirely in English
  • Industry-relevant specializations and majors
  • Non-academic and academic program options
  • Diverse programs: Diploma/BBA/MBA/Executive
  • Programs include language classes (no extra fee)
  • Highly qualified and experienced professors
  • Continuous fine tuning to business and industry
  • Personal and professional contacts for life
  • Values: Integrity, ethics, sustainability
  • Global industry contacts and alumni network
  • Small class sizes and personal attention