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MU Schellhammer Business School

  • MU-SBS connects students with realities, with meaning and human factors, that shape life, business, and work.
  • MU-SBS teaches the most advanced knowledge with a sophisticated concept of mankind and personal development.
  • MU-SBS builds up strength, self-management, human values, and a variety of professional knowledge and skills.
  • MU-SBS creates a study environment with understanding, care, support, creativity, genuineness and critical thinking.
  • MU-SBS prepares students to constructively deal with humans, business, politics, the economy, and the world.
  • MU-SBS gives students a thorough understanding of the complexity of mankind, society, and the business world today.


  • Founded in 2009
  • Private educational institution
  • Swiss quality education
  • All classes taught in English
  • Located in a safe environment
  • Multicultural: 30+ nationalities
  • Gateway to a prosperous future
  • Spectacular 1,000 sqm Campus
  • Quality international professors
  • State of the art campus and facilities
  • Committed Quality Management


  • All classes are taught entirely in English
  • Industry-relevant specializations and majors
  • Non-academic and academic program options
  • Diverse programs: Diploma/BBA/MBA/Executive
  • Programs include language classes (no extra fee)
  • Highly qualified and experienced professors
  • Continuous fine tuning to business and industry
  • Personal and professional contacts for life
  • Values: Integrity, ethics, sustainability
  • Global industry contacts and alumni network
  • Small class sizes and personal attention